Example Application Form (Multi-Part: Custom Form2)

    Note: * denotes required field.
    Contact Information (Part 1 of 3)

    So What’s Going On Here?

    In this example, there are three Parts to the form.  Each Part is constructed as a separate entity within the single module settings using a new HTML insert named “Page.”  There can be any number of pages, but keep it real ;^)

    The idea is to be able to have lengthy forms constructed in a smaller space, yet, keep the user focused and ensure that this area is filled in completely before moving on to another Part.  Each Page will be validated before being able to reveal the next Part.  Once validated, the user can move to previous filled in Parts without having to re-enter data.

    Though not depicted here, Conditional Fields can also be used in conjunction with Parts.

    In Part 3 here, you’ll find the new reCaptcha option.