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    Welcome to Our Shop

    We’d like to ask you a few questions so we can better respond to your needs. Before we get into what you are all about, please, take the time to review what we have to offer. After, you can continue our conversation by using the link at the bottom of this section.


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    So What’s Going On Here?

    Using conditional fields along with paging, this form is constructed to progress based on selections the user makes in each section. Based on those selections, other fields or content may appear to gather additional info or make comment to the user as to their progress.

    Of particular note, in this particular form, if the user makes a certain selection, the next page will end the progression with the Prev/Next AND the Submit buttons becoming unavailable. In most circumstances, this is extreme, but it does posit the occasional need to keep someone from clicking submit or not being able to change their selections.